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Simera hits 100 clients!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve signed the 100th customer of our Remote Talent Platform! This marks an important milestone in our growth from launching as a two-person startup in 2022.

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Panos Bethanis, founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Simera, said, “We started Simera with the premise that great talent is everywhere, but finding talent across borders, verifying their skills, and going through the hiring process is a real challenge. And for people outside the US, finding remote work opportunities outside of freelancing was next to impossible. Our platform bridges that gap by verifying each candidate’s skills, experience, and accomplishments and connecting them to opportunities to join US companies. The US companies get access to hardworking, highly skilled individuals who make immediate, positive impacts. Getting to 100 clients is a great validation of the concept, and I look forward to scaling to 10,000.” 

The 100 clients have been hired for a wide range of roles, including sales and demand generation, marketing and design, developers, support, IT, accounting, and operations. Many customers have hired multiple people in several disciplines. While Simera is the Employer of Record, the client directly manages the talent.

Beyond 100 

Simera’s growth plans include building its candidate pipeline through university partnerships, investing in training and development courses, and improving its AI-powered matching algorithms. 

University Partnerships

Simera has partnerships with dozens of leading universities and MBA programs in Central and South America. The universities provide a steady stream of recent graduates and alumni in various disciplines.  

Training and Development Courses

We provide training for in-demand skills such as prospecting, social selling, English pronunciation, effective email writing, and more. A domain expert teaches each course and prepares job seekers to succeed in the US market. 

AI-Powered Matching Algorithms

The Simera Talent Platform uses AI to match talent to jobs based on data. We collect massive amounts of data about each candidate. All candidate data, including English proficiency, role-based skills, and past experience, get verified by proprietary technology and leading third parties. We continue improving our data collection and data parsing information to identify the best candidates for each position.

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