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Revolutionizing Remote Work: Simera's Impact in Central America

In a recent interview conducted by Revista El Economista in El Salvador, Simera's Head of Product, James Slavet, and Director of Academic Engagement, Gabriela Gavidia, provided insights into the company's operations in the region and its unique approach to remote talent recruitment. Simera is a community of validated professionals that leverages cutting-edge technology to connect Latin American talent with remote job opportunities worldwide.

This blog post highlights the key insights from their interview, showcasing Simera's vision for democratizing access to employment opportunities and its significant impact on Central America's workforce.

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The Evolution of Remote Work Post-Pandemic

Prior to the pandemic, near-shore and outsourcing businesses existed, but physical presence in Latin American offices was the norm. During the pandemic, companies were compelled to develop mechanisms for productivity measurement and goal-based performance assessment. This led to the discovery of ways to enhance remote work and save costs associated with physical offices. Simera leverages these circumstances to improve working conditions and enhance competitiveness in attracting qualified talent from Latin America.

For employees, remote work is now perceived as a non-negotiable aspect of employment conditions, equivalent to salary and vacation benefits. It offers the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, without going to an office, and provides other benefits like time and cost savings.

Initiating Operations in the Region

Simera began operations in the Latin American region in mid-2021 with a strong belief that the region's talent is just as valuable as talent from anywhere else in the world. Despite the challenges of entering a new market, Panos Bethanis founded the company with a clear vision of providing equal opportunities for all. Today, Simera is thriving under the leadership of CEO Said Hassan.

The Latin American team has been a key factor driving Simera’s growth, bringing unique perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. Simera recognizes the untapped potential of the region and is committed to unlocking it by democratizing access to international job opportunities. By doing so, it hopes to empower talented individuals and contribute to the growth of the Latin American economy. With a passionate team and a shared vision, Simera is poised for continued success in the region and beyond.

Setting Simera Apart from Traditional Recruitment

Simera distinguishes itself from traditional recruitment agencies through its community-driven approach. All professionals within the Simera network undergo rigorous validation processes to ensure high-quality profiles for North American clients. Powered by Simera's proprietary technology, the company's algorithm matches clients with talent possessing the required skills and competencies. Simera's focus is on presenting candidates whose profiles align with clients' specific business and industry needs, setting it apart from traditional headhunting agencies.

Shifting Workforce and Talent Trends in Central America

The Latin American workforce consists of skilled individuals with knowledge comparable to, if not exceeding, other regions. Latin American talent seeks stability, financial security, and professional growth, and looks for opportunities that offer these benefits. Over 40% of young individuals aged 19 to 24 in the region pursue higher education, preparing themselves academically for various career fields. Simera is a pioneer in providing 100% remote jobs with North American clients, encompassing diverse industries and roles, catering to the needs of millennials and Gen Z workers who prioritize work-life balance, flexibility, and mental well-being.

In-Demand Skills in the Job Market

While all skills hold significant importance, Simera places particular emphasis on both soft and technical skills. Soft skills, such as communication, negotiation, emotional intelligence, assertive leadership, adaptability, and a sense of urgency, are crucial for all businesses and clients. In terms of technical skills, proficiency in programming languages, advanced Excel, Tableau, Power BI, and design tools are highly sought after. Proficiency in the English language is the most vital skill for accessing Simera's competitive job opportunities. 

Simera is committed to excellence, innovation, and staying at the forefront of the industry, offering US companies the best talent in Latin America and the best job offers to its community of highly qualified professionals.

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